5/14/12 Meeting With San Diego City Council Member, Sherri Lightner

On May 14th, 2012, the Imagination Club had City Council member, Sherri Lightner come and talk to them about the importance of voting. Everyone had a fantastic time at the meeting.

Here is a picture of the meeting:

(By Angela :D)


4/24/12 Trip To City Hall For Imagination Club Proclamation Day!

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 was a day to remember for the members of the Imagination Club at Torrey Hills Elementary! Why? Because that was the day that the Imagination Club took a “field trip” to San Diego City Hall for Imagination Club Proclamation Day! Their club advisor, Orit Ostrowiak, their school principal, Barbara Boone, attended the event with the girls. City Council members Marti Emerald and Sherri Lightner proclaimed the day for the girls, and it was a huge success!

Click on the link below to read the Del Mar Times News on the Imagination Club’s City Hall Trip:

Click on the link below to watch the event (watch from 16:00-25:00):


Here are some pictures of the event:

City Council Members Marti Emerald and Sherri Lightner
with club advisor, Orit Ostrowiak stand behind the
members of the Imagination Club with their new proclamation.

City Council members, Sherri Lightner and
Marti Emerald with Torrey Hills Elementary
Principal, Barbara Boone.

City Council Member Sherri Lightner with the two
Club Webmasters, Maxine Lacher and Angela Liu,
and Club Founder, Audrey Lacher.

The actual proclamation that they received!

(By Angela :D)

3/12/12 Meeting with Barbara Khozam

On Monday we had a meeting with our guest speaker Barbara Khozam.

She talked to us about having a positive attitude and try to let it rub off on someone else. She said,” Thoughts lead to feelings, feelings lead to behavior, and behavior leads to your additude.”

Exercise#1: She told us to think of what it felt like when it’s our first day at a new school, almost everyone’s answer was that they were scared and when you’re scared it’s kind of hard to make new friends and be friendly.

When someone starts gossiping about another girl even if you don’t know who they’re talking about be overly positive and say something nice or that you like that girl and stick up for her, then the person gossiping will eventually get annoyed and walk away.

Here are two ways to stay positive:

Ignore the person’s shallow attitude

Be overly positive about everything they talk about. 🙂

And don’t forget that you can’t control other people except for yourself.

~ Maxine 🙂


New Theme Appearance?

Hi everyone, it’s Angela! 🙂

I just wanted to ask all of you if you would like a new “theme” or appearance of our website.
The theme will affect the fonts, the colors of the page, and the top and bottom parts.

I’m posting a poll below for you to take, and I’ll total up the results to see who likes what!
Thank you!

~Angela 😀


1/29/12 Meeting With Cori Schumacher

Today Cori Schumacher talked to us about how the equality in men and women’s sports were not equal. We looked at a magazine with some of the best women surfers in the US and they just posed in a picture, they were not surfing, just advertising clothes, like hangers!

Cori told us to imagine ourselves doing what we want to do when we grow up and then she said, “Imagine yourself wearing goggles.” Then she asked us, “Do you see anything?” She said,”That is what will happen to your future if you put on those goggles.  You will not follow your dreams, but you will want to be those selling products that stores want you to buy!” She taught us that when you fall get back up and try again and to also always follow your dreams.

Here some websites for surfing lessons:





Here are some pictures of the meeting:


(By Maxine, Angela, and Sofia :D)

We Are On Marti Emerald’s Facebook Page!

Hi everyone! 🙂

Just wanted to let all of you know that we are on Marti Emerald’s Facebook page! 😀
You might not see it at first, but if you scroll down the page you’ll find it with the picture of us.

Here’s the link to it: http://www.facebook.com/reqs.php?type=1&fcode=abb5e42f5&f=1339433720#!/marti.emerald

Enjoy! 🙂

~Angela 😀

1/9/12 Meeting With Marti Emerald

On January 9th, 2012, the Imagination Club was very privileged to have Marti Emerald, who is a San Diego City Council member and has worked with ABC News for 22 years, come and talk to them about following their passions, about herself starting at the age the members are, and about women leadership.  Also, Angela Liu, Maxine Lacher, and Audrey Lacher did the “Welcome”, “Recap”, and “Speaker Introduction” at this meeting. Marti talked about taking things that we imagine and making them real can sometimes be hard, but we should never give up on them. 🙂 She also told them about herself in their age. “I felt awkward, because I was SO much taller than everyone else, my red hair, and the gap between my teeth,” she recalls, “But actually, that time in my life was very interesting with ups and downs, too.” She also said it is important to know that the changes that girls their age go through define who you’ll become, and to not be afraid of these changes; it’s fun! 😀 After elementary school for Marti, in middle school, she sang & danced, ran track, and played sports. She said these things helped her in her development, it helped her get on the stage, and it made her excited! She learned about the importance of poise too. After high school, she went to Portland State University and became the first woman taxi dispatcher in Portland! She also tried broadcasting in Washington D.C., which broadcasted to 1,200 radio stations in the USA, Canada, and the Armed Forces! She also met President Carter and his First Lady in the White House. “I grew to love reporting news, because I was there when everything happened,” she says, “It would probably be very difficult for be to just sit still in an office chair!” So she worked for Channel 10 for 30 years, and then in 1981 she came to San Diego. Here, she discovered that woman need to step up. “We have the perseverance, the skills, the grace, poise, and the focus to outsmart, outwork, and outthink men,” she said, “And why do something if you’re not going to succeed?” She told them that there’s never a well-defined path in life, because you have to create it, live it, and enjoy it. Then in San Diego, Marti ran for San Diego City Council, and it was the hardest she ever worked. She was up against April Boling, who was richer than Marti, but Marti won the election by 600 votes (only 1%)! “Woman still represent a very small part of our elected government,” she says, “50% of the people in America are women, so at least 50% of our government should be women!” Overall, Marti Emerald left the girls eager to step up and show America that women can be as strong, maybe even stronger, than men.

Here are some pictures of the event:

(By Angela :D)

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